The 2016/2017 Bush Fire Danger Period for the Shoalhaven Starts on Thursday 1st September 2016  and runs through until Friday 31st March 2017. This means you now require a fire permit for burning activites during the Bush fire Danger Period. Fire Permits help ensure fire is used safely and minimise the danger to you, your property and the community.

The Key things to remember:
  • You need a fire permit if its the Bush Fire danger period.
  • Just because its the Bush Fire danger Period doesnt mean you cant have a fire - But there are restrictions to ensure fire is used safely.
  • you have to notify ALL your neighbors (yes even the ones you dont like) and Fire Control Centre at least 24 hours before lighting up.
  • Getting a Fire Permit is Free and Easy. Contact Shoalhaven Fire control Centre on 02 4424 4424.
  • There are Heavy Penalties in place if you dont follow restrictions or rules.
For more information visit:

A Bush Fire Survival Plan can help you make

important decisions about what to do during a fire 
like when to leave, or what to take and
what to do with animals.

  Do you know your Childrens
     Schools Fire Plan? 

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