The Bush Fire Danger Period (BFDP) will commence in Shoalhaven Local Government Area (LGA) on Friday 1 September 2017. The Shoalhaven LGA is one of 19 LGAs in NSW that permanently commence the BFDP on 1 September.

Anyone wishing to light a fire during the BFDP must obtain a permit prior to burning. To apply for one, contact your local NSW RFS Fire Control Centre or Fire and Rescue NSW station.

Residents must provide a minimum of 24 hours notice to their local fire authority (RFS or Fire & Rescue NSW), and all adjoining neighbours - this is a year-round legislative requirement - even outside of the BFDP you must provide notification of your intention to burn.

For information about BFDP rules and fire permits, go to:
or contact the NSW RFS Shoalhaven Fire Control Centre on 4424 4424 during Business hours



A Bush Fire Survival Plan can help you make

important decisions about what to do during a fire 
like when to leave, or what to take and
what to do with animals.

  Do you know your Childrens
     Schools Fire Plan? 

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